Archie rape field


Archie my Giant Schnauzer


  • Age: 9 years
  • Breed: Giant Schnauzer
  • Location: Dunmow

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Certainly never a dull moment with Archie around!!  The first Giant Schnauzer I have owned and I have fell completely & hopelessly in love with his character.  He is an excellent guard dog at home as he can be very noisy when strangers pass the garden, but that is all it is – just noise, as he is a real big softy!

Archie loves nothing more than water that he can dive straight into.  He also likes a ball, but can get far too obsessed with it , so I only allow him it on occasions.  He enjoys walking with Phoebe, Harry, Bertie & Amaja

Archie's favourite hobby

ArchieAbsolutely NO DOGS on the sofa!Archie with his ballArchie the nut-job"I've just been brushed and yes I am on the garden table, yes I do get away with murder!"Arch profileWet ArchieLeg itHot Hot Hot!checking out the rabbitsArch in the dog van"You don't have to wait for her at the stile Bluebell - you just jump it....see?"

Archie ditch jumping

Archie and the flooded field

"This is what happens when you mix a drink with a sandy car park mum"

My Giant Schanuzer - Archie

Is that a big black rabbit