Bluebell's in Buttercups



Bluebell the Rhodesian Ridgeback

  • Age: 6 yrs
  • Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback
  • Location: Great Easton

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The lovely natured Bluebell absolutely adores everyone! Out on our walks she happily greets any other dogs we meet and their owners! She always wants to be their friend and playmate.

Bluebell now has a not so little bro in the form of Du Plessis.  They get on great and have loads of fun out on our walks.  At home their favourite place is curled up or sprawled out together in front of the fire.


With Och's

Playtime with Logan


Chasing Logan with Driscol

Logan & Bluey

on the bridge with Ochre & Driscol

In the van with Dexter & Archie!

With Logan & Hendrix

Driscol, Bluey & Stick

BFF hugs

Bluebell & Millie-Moo

Running with Archie

BB in buttercups

In the jungle

Bluebell grass

Playtime with Logan

Ready to pounce

BFF's Bluebell & Driscol

Bluebell on the bridge

Happy Bluey

'Up here Blue'


Bluebell & Archie

Blubell in the snow

Bluebell Ditch Jumping