Services & Prices

Dog Walking Services & Prices

If like me your pets are part of your family. When you are unable to be home for them, you want them taken care of with the same love and attention you give them. That’s the personal service I provide.

I offer professional, reliable and fully insured regular dog walking in Stebbing, Great Easton, Little Canfield, Great Dunmow & surrounding villages.

I can provide walks as little or as often as you require and tailor my visits to suit you and your dogs requirements.

Dogs like nothing better than new smells, this is why I try to vary the places I walk, not only to keep the dogs I walk interested but also mentally stimulated and continue to enjoy their adventures.




DOG WALKING – £12 for 1 hour walk. Discount for two dogs same home. Reduced rates for three or more walks per week

I walk friendly, well socialised dogs together so they get the exercise and play they need during the working day.



Call or Text

to Arrange your Dogs Walk:  

07956 943060




SOLO DOG WALKING – £16 for 1 hour walk 

Subject to availability

I understand that group walks do not always suit every dog.

If your dog/s prefers to be walked alone, I can take them on a solo walk. This walk is ideal for dogs that do not socialise well with other dogs.








SHORT WALK/ COMFORT BREAK – £8 per visit lasting up to 30 minutes

(£12 for two dogs living in the same home) 

Subject to availability

Available for dogs that do not require a full hours brisk walk & just need to be either let out or a short walk to do their business.

I can visit during the day to take your dog out for a short walk to stretch their legs, fuss & freshen their water.









PUPPY VISITS – £20 for 2 visits. Available for pups up to 4 months old.

Puppy care visits include visiting your pup twice during the working day, ideal for
pups going through their inoculation period. A visit lasts about 30 minutes.

Timings can be arranged/spaced to suit the length of time your puppy is to be left while you are out of the house.

I will spend time playing with your pup, feed them, freshen water & clean up any mess they may have made, I will let them out into the garden & give them ample time to do their business, this all helps with toilet training!

When your pup is inoculated and ready to go out walking, I offer puppy walks to gradually introduce them to other dogs. This socialisation helps with your puppy’s confidence & helps them feel comfortable around all types of dogs, which is important for any dog from a young age.












If you need to go away for a few days or a holiday, why not leave your cat/s happy in the comfort of their own home? I can feed your cat/s, refresh water, clean their litter tray and spend time fussing/playing with them. Visits are usually in the morning and/or in the evening.










If you are going away for a few days or for a couple of weeks I can visit and perform the daily tasks required in your pets normal routine.














To arrange any of these services
Call/Text Julie: 07956 943060





PLEASE NOTE that prices quoted are for standard hours Mon-Fri between the hours of 9am–5pm. ‘Out of hours’ Weekends/Bank Holidays (subject to availability) additional charges apply.